A Book Review for Historical Fiction Fans

I love reading historical fiction. It is fun to learn a little history while reading a great story at the same time. I recently finished a great new historical fiction book by Susan Meissner, As Bright As Heaven. I have read several of Susan’s book including Secrets of a Charmed Life which I highly recommend, but I think this was my favorite of her books.

This story is set in Philadelphia in 1918 as the flu epidemic is sweeping through the city. Meissner says she chose Philadelphia as the setting because over twelve thousand people died and it was one of the hardest-hit American cities during the flu epidemic.

I found this book very interesting because the father and the uncle in the book are in the funeral business. I haven’t read many books where the profession of the central characters are morticians. It works so well in this book because death and the toll it takes on so many is an important message in this book.

This story is told through the mother, Pauline, and her three daughters. I think you will really like the four women in this book.

Meissner is an excellent writer who writes a great story in a historical setting. I highly recommend As Bright As Heaven if you love historical fiction with strong female characters.

Let me know what you think if you get a chance to read this book.