Russian Translation

Writing a book and having it published is, in many ways, like giving birth to a baby. You work at it, you care for it for many months and then when you finally see it in print there is great rejoicing. In May of 2012 I began discussing translating my books, Changed by Jesus and Used by God, into Russian with Eastern European Missions. The work of translating began in January 2013. And on Sunday September 22, 2013 I saw the finished product. Used by God has been translated into Russian.

I am outside Kiev Ukraine with three other ladies from Texas giving out copies of Used by God. We spent Sunday afternoon and Monday evening with a wonderful group of ladies in Ivankov. Many ladies from various congregations in Texas made bags for us to give to the ladies with a copy of the book. Even though we do not speak the same language, it was easy to see how grateful these ladies were to receive their bag and book. They thanked us over and over again for coming to share this message with them.

I may never know what impact these books have on the ladies in Russia, but that is okay. God can use this material in whatever way he chooses. I pray that this material that I spent many months birthing leads women in Ukraine to know their God a little better and understandhow they are loved and valued by God.